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20 weeks
Newcastle upon Tyne
Amber Film Collective

A major refurbishment of a unique historic building located in the severely constrained Quayside area of Newcastle upon Tyne.

The Side Gallery is an ancient four storey building located part way down The Side and accessed only from a very narrow, steep stone stairway. The project involved a major refurbishment of the building and so access for plant and materials was a major challenge, requiring careful planning and supervision of deliveries as well as removal and disposal of waste.

The project involved major structural repairs and alterations together with erecting new wall and ceiling linings to improving insulation, installation of a passenger lift and a  bespoke steel staircase, renewal of all services, repairs to windows and exposed structural timbers and columns as well as laying a solid oak floor to the ground floor.

New conservation rooflights were install and this required a full access scaffold to be erected to the perimeter of the roof area.

The bespoke furniture and display cabinets provided in the galleries and the reception area were manufactured in our own workshops.

Cheap Phentermine Without Rx

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