Quality Assurance

T.Manners & Sons Ltd; empower every employee to be responsible for quality assurance, our Quality Policy states:

“The success of our QMS relies on our employees; every employee is empowered to be responsible for the quality of the work they produce both as an individual and as a collective group”.

T.Manners & Sons Ltd; have a holistic approach to management that only an SME can provide, and  encompasses Personnel Management, Quality Management, Health & Safety and Environmental Management.

This enables full seamless integration of all our procedures throughout our business with all aspects being considered at the earliest possible stage when planning a new project.

Our ‘joined-up thinking’ approach can only truly be provided by an SME employing a proactive management team that is both experienced and highly trained and supported by structured, documented management system that is enhanced by short lines of communication.

T. Manners & Sons Ltd; operate an Integrated Management System (IMS) and our Quality Management System should be considered in conjunction with our  Occupational Health & Safety Management System, our Environmental Management System (EMS); and our Investor In People (IIP) status.

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built and aim to maintain this through high standards in what and how we deliver providing an all-round first class service and product. This is why we not only invest highly in our employees and managing performance through meaningful conversations in an empowered climate but also through clear processes, communications and expectations for all of our supply chain partners – integral to our delivery.

At T. Manners & Sons Ltd we pride ourselves on the professionalism and quality of work we provide.  All of our staff are fully certified and will carry a valid photo ID card (date stamped), wearing fully branded uniform and PPE.  Our vehicles are branded and tracked ensuring optimum safety for both our communities and employees.  We will always operate under contract and appropriate accounting procedures.  We will never ask for cash in hand.  Should anything appear suspicious please contact us immediately so we may explore this further.

Copies of certification, our privacy notice and policies are available on request.