Quality Assurance

T.Manners & Sons Ltd; empower every employee to be responsible for quality assurance, our Quality Policy states:

“The success of our QMS relies on our employees; every employee is empowered to be responsible for the quality of the work they produce both as an individual and as a collective group”.

T.Manners & Sons Ltd; have a holistic approach to management that only an SME can provide, and  encompasses Personnel Management, Quality Management, Health & Safety and Environmental Management.

This enables full seamless integration of all our procedures throughout our business with all aspects being considered at the earliest possible stage when planning a new project.

Our ‘joined-up thinking’ approach can only truly be provided by an SME employing a proactive management team that is both experienced and highly trained and supported by structured, documented management system that is enhanced by short lines of communication.

T. Manners & Sons Ltd; operate an Integrated Management System (IMS) and our Quality Management System should be considered in conjunction with our  Occupational Health & Safety Management System, our Environmental Management System (EMS); and our Investor In People (IIP) status. Copies of certification and policies are available on request.