Will England Win the EUROs?

EDIT: England did SO well!! We accomplished so much as a TEAM and have so much to be PROUD of. So many supporters and great leadership qualities to admire (courage, perseverance, compassion, resilience to name a few) as well as appreciation for all those who took part in the competition. Achievement is about recognizing just that.

Whilst slightly relieved about the prospect of a new hair style, Simon also recognizes the huge morale impact these events can play so was a bitter sweet result. He is therefore ‘prepared’ (I have booked him in the hairdressers!) to go ahead in recognition of the huge triumph England achieved by getting as far as they did, support our employees and also the Lighthouse Club charity provides a fabulous well rounded Employee Assistance Programme for construction workers and their families. If we can reach our target all pledges go straight to the charity (otherwise they are refunded to the pledgers), all proceeds go to the charity any support you can offer is greatly appreciated so that we can meet the target for the charity. We promise to post photos!


With England winning the Euros match against Germany last night morale amongst many is high at the moment, which has been a much needed boost. 

We have received a note from the suggestion box that Simon our MD gets a ‘Phil Fodden’ for charity (as pictured as I had no idea), if England win the Euros. 

To support this venture (and to add some additional peer pressure) we will seek to support the construction mental health awareness charity The Lighthouse Club, who also provide so many other valuable resources to support all construction workers and their families. 

If you, or anyone you know, or you are a client/stakeholder who would like to make any donations please hand them in via our Accounts Department who will keep it safe until we deposit the total next week.

Please watch this video reflecting the importance of the charity:

Aside from extensive resources now more readily available to support mental health, we also pride ourselves on the additional support we extend to our employees through in-house mental health first aiders.

Anyone can provide support by recognising the signs, being kind and extending a listening ear.



Our team are working flat out, highly commended for the top job they do.

Some recent feedback via our client GENTOO was well received:

I was speaking to a lovely lady yesterday from the above and she wanted to pass on her compliments to the contractors who have been doing to FRA works in the block, she mentioned a company name of Manners?

She said they working quietly, and were tidy and the work quality was excellent.

She mentioned that she quite picking about things but that when praise is due she gives it.

It’s nice to hear a compliment.

We have a particular interest in Fire Safety work at present which is also great news. Should you have any requirements please do not hesitate to call or email us and we would be delighted to explore your requirements. We can support full end to end processes from installation to maintenance.

Planning ahead we are fortunate with the opportunity this presents in creating employment and growth within our team. We are actively recruiting also so please check out our careers page for more information should you be interested or know anyone qualified to fulfil this role successfully.


Flashback Friday!

If you are lucky enough to be visiting Whitley Bay in this glorious sunshine, take a look at The Spanish City! It has been around three years since we completed our project there, which comprised of restoration of existing timber windows, renewal of timber doors, refurbishment of wood paneling and the manufacture and installation of fitted furniture. I’m sure you’ll agree the completed photos are fantastic!

Site Manager Opportunities

Our Site Managers are a FANTASTIC asset to our organisation! They are the frontline to making our contracts come to life through to completion, and ‘after sales’ – interested? Great, we are recruiting! Please check out our Careers Page for more details.


We are delighted to end this week reflecting on some press releases regarding key contracts completed within our Construction Division. Well done to the teams involved! We have also had great feedback from Co-op themselves and Howarth Litchfield. Check out the articles here:

We are fortunate through both strategic and organic growth to be able to support many of our own projects as well as operating in their own entity with Mechanical and Fire Door provision also, as well as Specialist Joinery if we are lucky enough to. Contact us if you have any enquiries.

We also have some fantastic opportunities to join our team so please do check out our careers page for more information if you or someone you may know who could be suitable!

Our Journey

A Family Business ..

A Family Business: but what does that mean to us? We are proud of our heritage, and when we could not celebrate our 160th year in business last year (5th generation in) we have taken to community partnership opportunities to support other local businesses and charities, encourage mental health and wellbeing as well as take as much consideration into the HOW we operate as we do in WHAT we do and produce! I LOVE hearing stories from our Site Managers on how they have helped make christmas grottos to recycle and reuse for the local community of their site or leave dog bowls of water for local walkers. It is the small personal touches. Keep an eye out, we have an exciting bake off style collaboration with Fifteas Vintage Tearoom  and Sandringham Care Home  in 2 weeks time! (All employees / family encouraged to partake!) Please show your support by liking theirs and our pages and placing reviews where you can (social media platforms, google, yell etc) Thank you 💗 #loveconstruction #consideratecontractor #familybusiness #LoveBishopAuckland

Some Updates!

We have a lot to shout out about at the end of another busy week

Construction Excellence Awards: There were great examples of innovation, industry wide collaboration and investing in people and the future of construction.  Congratulations to all of the winners, and the recognition we got to be shortlisted is something we are so proud of all of our staff and stakeholders.  Thank you.  We unfortunately did not win our category but the projects we lost against were pretty fantastic!

COVID Complacency: Just a reminder that as we get more normality back (which is great!) we maintain our covid safe operating procedures and politely ask everyone helps to continue to adhere to this as it is so important in the ongoing fight to keep everyone safe.

Improving our Comms: We have some exciting new developments. When you call us we have some new options so please listen carefully. We also have a new mailing list feature on our website whereby you can join to hear the latest news and open positions first hand when they go live.


St Godric’s Close, Durham 🏡

We were awarded this Design & Build project to provide 17Nr bungalows as part of a social housing scheme. You may remember we had previously posted the site plan just before we had made a start on site. Here is an update on the project, keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the near future 👀

Construction Awards of Excellence Finalist!

The Construction Awards of Excellence 2021 finalists have been announced and T. Manners & Sons ltd are honoured to have made this list for the category: English Building Contractor of the Year!

In what was supposed to be a year of celebration as we turned 160. 2020 was such a difficult year, as so for so many. We are so proud of our workforce for all they have achieved despite the constraints. Our submission reflected work from all of our departments.

If you would like to join us at the virtual celebration on 15 April at 19:00. Register to attend here: