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30 weeks
Newcastle upon Tyne
Home Group

Located adjacent to St James’ Park, home of Newcastle United Football Club, Leazes Terrace is arguably the most imposing Grade 1 listed Georgian Terrace in Newcastle upon Tyne.

The project involved stripping the existing roof coverings to 18 properties and replacing with new Welsh slates whilst also replacing all lead flashings and installing conservation rooflights.  Defective roof timbers were repaired or replaced as the works progressed and insulation was installed throughout the roof space.

To facilitate the works it was necessary to erect a fully independent scaffold to all elevations.

The natural stone chimney stacks were taken down and rebuild, replacing eroded stone with new where necessary, and all cast iron rainwater gutters and downpipe were renewed.

Internally communal areas were refurbished and a new fire alarm system was installed throughout.

Buy Phentermine At Walmart

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