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10 Weeks
Magnet - Nobia

The project involved the conversion of part of Magnet’s manufacturing base in Darlington to create a prestigious exposition centre to display the company’s latest product lines.

The works involved erecting a soundproof partition wall within an existing production area and the creation of a large exhibition area.

The inclusion of a mezzanine floor created office accommodation on both the ground and first floor comprising of, a reception area, offices, meeting rooms, toilets, store rooms and a refreshment area.

Associated works included demolitions, structural steelwork, profiled steel roof and wall cladding, aluminium doors and windows, metal stud partitions, suspended ceilings, floor finishes, mechanical and electrical installations.

To exploit the artificial lighting and enhance the overall appearance and the floor to the exhibition area was finished with an attractive, hardwearing resin screed.

Where Can I Buy Real Phentermine 37.5 Online

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