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10 weeks

It was necessary to complete this project within a very exacting time frame to allow our client to relocate their Newcastle office before their existing lease option expired.

This project involved refurbishing the entire fourth floor of a prestigious office block at The Regent Centre,     Newcastle upon Tyne. The works included improving the acoustic performance of the open plan office area; providing a dining area and shower facilities for staff; renewing ceiling and floor    finishes; upgrading the lighting installation; refurbishing the conference rooms,  including installing  decorative manifestation to existing glazed screens; as well as a  mechanical and electrical re-fit.

Bespoke, full height storage units used to demarcate workspaces. These units, along with the reception desk, timber panelling and a living wall were manufactured in our Bishop Auckland workshop and installed by our time-served craftsmen.

All the loose furniture, workstations, desks, chairs, tables, AV equipment, fixtures and fitting were supplied and installed by us allowing our client to relocate and be fully operational from day one.

Buy Phentermine Online Usa

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