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22 weeks
Bowburn, Durham
County Durham & Darlington Fire & Rescue Service

Works comprised of a major refurbishment of an industrial unit to provide vehicle maintenance workshops, offices and stores for County Durham and Darlington Fire & Rescue Service.

The works included re-roofing and replacement of wall cladding with insulated profiled steel sheeting together with new rainwater gutters and downpipes. New insulated sectional overhead doors were installed to complete the thermal upgrading of the unit.

Internally the unit was completely refurbished; a new mezzanine floor was installed together with a goods lift to service the upper floor area. A large mechanically ventilated commercial vehicle paint spray booth was constructed to the rear of the workshop. The mechanical and electrical systems were renewed and upgraded throughout.

The workshop was equipped with three commercial vehicle lifts, brake testing machines, headlight beam alignment equipment and compressed air lines allowing the workshop to be operational at handover.

Order Phentermine From India

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