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60 weeks
£3.6 m
Busy & Armstrong Ltd.

Comprising of 40 apartments built in two blocks and set in communal gardens this new build private housing development was of traditional construction, with concrete piled foundations, brick/block external walls, precast concrete floor slabs and tiled pitch roofs.

Access to the apartments is secured with door entry system leading to the communal areas with  passenger lifts providing access to all floors.

Internally the apartments are finished to high specification with neutral décor throughout; warm carpets and vinyl flooring complement the underfloor heating system.

Built on a ‘brown field’ site a particularly challenging aspect of this project was the adjacent watercourse. This necessitated the finished ground floor levels to be raised approximately 1.20 m above the natural ground level to mitigate any potential flooding risks, this required a considerable amount of ‘dead walling’ below the finished floor level.

The project was delivered to the complete satisfaction of the client with tenants moving into the apartments within hours of the official handover.

Buy Real Phentermine

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