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30 weeks
St Helen’s Auckland
Believe Housing

A Design & Build Contract won under competitive tender for the construction of four semi-detached bungalows on a split site.

These larger than average two bedroomed affordable bungalows were of traditional brick/block construction built off concrete raft foundations.  The accommodation comprises of an open plan living/dining area with adjacent kitchen, two bedrooms and a large walk in wet room. Externally each property benefits from a large fully enclosed garden.

Before commencement and as part of the design development we carried out further site           investigation works and found a previously unknown ‘live’ main sewer running through the site and in very close proximity to the proposed bungalows. Northumbrian Water were themselves unaware of this sewer.

As the client was committed to this development, we instructed our Architects to redesign the site layout and re-orientated the bungalows to give sufficient clearance to the sewer.

The Planning Authority was sympathetic and quickly dealt with this planning revision enabling the project to be completed without delay.

Cheap Phentermine Overnight Delivery

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