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52 weeks
Believe Housing

A Design & Build project, won under competitive tender comprising of twelve, 3 bedroomed semi-detached affordable homes complete with all externals works, driveways, parking areas, landscaping and drainage.

This was a ‘brown field’ development and the initial ground investigation reports suggested deep fill concrete foundations would be required, however, we re-designed the foundations and delivered a concrete piled solution with pre cast concrete ground beams.

Above ground, the properties were of traditional construction with brick/block external walls,    timber first floor construction, tiled pitch roofs and PVCu windows and doors.

Internally the properties were finished to a very high specification having a fully fitted kitchen that included the ‘white goods’ and a superb bathroom including an over bath shower and heated towel rail.

Externally each property has an enclosed garden to the rear and an off street parking area to the front with metal railings and low retaining wall between each property.

Buy Phentermine Slimming Pills

Big or small, we can help no matter your needs.  

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