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A Trip Down Memory Lane for Ex Employee and Associate

Following some recent press coverage in light of our 160th anniversary we were approached by Sid Dewar on behalf of his 93 year old neighbour Aubrey Clitheroe who was sparked with excitement when he recognised the company he had worked and been associated with many years ago at its original digs in Peel Street, Bishop Auckland as a joiner.  Sid also recalled how he had been associated with ‘Manners’ as a subcontracted decorator, with fond memories of the work, the people and the opportunities he had been provided.  They wanted to come for a site visit at our current head office and workshop premises affectionately named ‘Peel House’ to see how much had changed.

Our Operations Manager and Furniture Manager took the time to walk Aubrey, Sid and Bishop Auckland Mayor Councillor Eliot accompanied by her consort Mr John Fryatt around our joiners shop to explore the materials, current work in progress and machinery.  Answering questions and absorbing the rich history of the stories to be shared.  Much delight came from spotting some of the original work benches from Peel Street.

We then settled for a cup of tea and chat, learning and making connections regarding the towns and industry development with some memorabilia to look through.

Mayor of Bishop Auckland Katie Eliot said: ‘I was thrilled to join Aubrey on his visit to Manners, as I got an insight into the company with its long heritage within the town.  It was lovely to listen to the memories which Aubrey shared with great fondness and pride.’

As Aubrey left he exclaimed “I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit, thank you so much for having me – you will invite me again won’t you?”, as he walked around it was so great to see and hear his passion about being a joiner, mentoring and training apprentices and going on to teach himself.  In fact, he taught our Specialist Joinery Director Steve Hodges when he was at school!

We are honoured by the passion staff past and present hold, and continue to invest and hold true to this as our fifth generation (with eager interest from the sixth) continues the Manners legacy. 

Critical Workers: Thank you, Stay Vigilant

At the beginning of this year the Government announced that the construction industry will remain open during the current lockdown period, with Government guidelines providing greater clarity stating “people who work in critical national infrastructure, construction or manufacturing… should continue to travel to their workplace”.  The full letter issued to the industry can be read here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-letter-to-the-construction-sector-november-2020

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our staff, our supply chain and stakeholders and everyone doing their bit to follow the guidance above and beyond in order to try and safely get us all through this Global Pandemic whilst also working hard to preserve our National Infrastructure and Economy. 

We continue to champion safe working practices with additional robust COVID related risk assessments and procedures.  Providing all necessary PPE required as well as items for best practice such as SOPs, training, temperature checks, masks, sanitation, priority testing through the NHS.  We encourage close communication and a ‘speak up’ culture to ensure full support is on hand and as our staff, and their loved ones, start to receive the vaccination we continue to adhere to the measures in place so we all can have peace of mind that we are all doing what we can to be safe for ourselves and all around us.  We recognise it takes everyone to play their part so ensure we conduct due diligence of our stakeholders and supply chain also.

We are proud of recent HSE feedback in reinforcing our safe work practices.

We have been and are privileged to be involved in essential works supporting a range of contracts including education providers, healthcare, housing for vulnerable adults, social housing, care homes as well as those marked to drive economic growth and regeneration such as retail and hospitality.



The project was always going to be a challenge as we had to keep the surgery open during the works but the workmen were always very respectful of this and kept the site as clean and quiet as possible.


We have been very happy with the work, the staff and the overall arrangements in place in our recent contracts with Manners.


we are absolutely delighted with the outcome and the way you have all made the process easy for us – despite all the added challenges imposed by C-19 restrictions!

 Thank you all so much, we are really, really grateful.

Support is available.  If yourself or any of your loved ones have been affected by COVID or the Global Pandemic in any way, there are lots of useful resources available for support, 

Here are some offered by the NHS:

MENTAL HEALTH https://www.nhs.uk/oneyou/every-mind-matters/?WT.tsrc=Search&WT.mc_id=MentalHealthGeneric&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI44uy-er17gIVCbKGCh2S2wQwEAAYAiAAEgLfhvD_BwE

COVID https://www.yourcovidrecovery.nhs.uk/