A Trip Down Memory Lane for Ex Employee and Associate

Following some recent press coverage in light of our 160th anniversary we were approached by Sid Dewar on behalf of his 93 year old neighbour Aubrey Clitheroe who was sparked with excitement when he recognised the company he had worked and been associated with many years ago at its original digs in Peel Street, Bishop Auckland as a joiner.  Sid also recalled how he had been associated with ‘Manners’ as a subcontracted decorator, with fond memories of the work, the people and the opportunities he had been provided.  They wanted to come for a site visit at our current head office and workshop premises affectionately named ‘Peel House’ to see how much had changed.

Our Operations Manager and Furniture Manager took the time to walk Aubrey, Sid and Bishop Auckland Mayor Councillor Eliot accompanied by her consort Mr John Fryatt around our joiners shop to explore the materials, current work in progress and machinery.  Answering questions and absorbing the rich history of the stories to be shared.  Much delight came from spotting some of the original work benches from Peel Street.

We then settled for a cup of tea and chat, learning and making connections regarding the towns and industry development with some memorabilia to look through.

Mayor of Bishop Auckland Katie Eliot said: ‘I was thrilled to join Aubrey on his visit to Manners, as I got an insight into the company with its long heritage within the town.  It was lovely to listen to the memories which Aubrey shared with great fondness and pride.’

As Aubrey left he exclaimed “I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit, thank you so much for having me – you will invite me again won’t you?”, as he walked around it was so great to see and hear his passion about being a joiner, mentoring and training apprentices and going on to teach himself.  In fact, he taught our Specialist Joinery Director Steve Hodges when he was at school!

We are honoured by the passion staff past and present hold, and continue to invest and hold true to this as our fifth generation (with eager interest from the sixth) continues the Manners legacy. 


Will England Win the EUROs?

EDIT: England did SO well!! We accomplished so much as a TEAM and have so much to be PROUD of. So many supporters and great leadership qualities to admire (courage, perseverance, compassion, resilience to name a few) as well as appreciation for all those who took part in the competition. Achievement is about recognizing just that.

Whilst slightly relieved about the prospect of a new hair style, Simon also recognizes the huge morale impact these events can play so was a bitter sweet result. He is therefore ‘prepared’ (I have booked him in the hairdressers!) to go ahead in recognition of the huge triumph England achieved by getting as far as they did, support our employees and also the Lighthouse Club charity provides a fabulous well rounded Employee Assistance Programme for construction workers and their families. If we can reach our target all pledges go straight to the charity (otherwise they are refunded to the pledgers), all proceeds go to the charity any support you can offer is greatly appreciated so that we can meet the target for the charity. We promise to post photos!


With England winning the Euros match against Germany last night morale amongst many is high at the moment, which has been a much needed boost. 

We have received a note from the suggestion box that Simon our MD gets a ‘Phil Fodden’ for charity (as pictured as I had no idea), if England win the Euros. 

To support this venture (and to add some additional peer pressure) we will seek to support the construction mental health awareness charity The Lighthouse Club, who also provide so many other valuable resources to support all construction workers and their families. 

If you, or anyone you know, or you are a client/stakeholder who would like to make any donations please hand them in via our Accounts Department who will keep it safe until we deposit the total next week.

Please watch this video reflecting the importance of the charity:

Aside from extensive resources now more readily available to support mental health, we also pride ourselves on the additional support we extend to our employees through in-house mental health first aiders.

Anyone can provide support by recognising the signs, being kind and extending a listening ear.

Construction Awards of Excellence Finalist!

The Construction Awards of Excellence 2021 finalists have been announced and T. Manners & Sons ltd are honoured to have made this list for the category: English Building Contractor of the Year!

In what was supposed to be a year of celebration as we turned 160. 2020 was such a difficult year, as so for so many. We are so proud of our workforce for all they have achieved despite the constraints. Our submission reflected work from all of our departments.

If you would like to join us at the virtual celebration on 15 April at 19:00. Register to attend here:



The Only Way is Up! ⬆️

We have secured the existing building façade at our project, Former King James School, Bishop Auckland. This will enable us to move forward with the construction of the apartment block. The existing façade will be retained and restored as the front elevation of the apartments. Works are also underway for the 16Nr bungalows on the site. We will be posting our progress with the site on our social media so be sure to keep a lookout! ????